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Corporate Services

The real estate market is a constantly

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The real estate market is a constantly changing environment. Identifying real estate alternatives and aligning with an individual company’s location or space needs is a unique skill based on a synthesis of knowledge and experience. The process requires careful research regarding land and building options in the area; understanding of competitive market dynamics; insight on location and physical attributes and constraints; knowledge of property owners and their managers, and; the ability to anticipate flexibility around future growth needs.

Our in-house site selection and advisory expertise is augmented through a team approach which may include architects, project managers, appraisers, attorneys, demographers, accountants and facility experts to examine the options and determine viable site and building alternatives given the unique needs of our client. Frauenshuh examines the real estate opportunities to ensure the most effective and fitting solution is presented.


Scott Reinhard
Senior Vice President of Bremer Bank

“Frauenshuh is a skillful expert in the commercial real estate market. They understand the players and dynamics in the market and not only find opportunities, but also create value. Having Frauenshuh as a partner and advisor in our site selection endeavors has been a strategic advantage for our business for many years.”