22 May 2014


Frauenshuh has exceptionally deep resources supporting its

22 May 2014

Frauenshuh has exceptionally deep resources supporting its Corporate Services platform. Our strength is in deploying these resources through teamwork, professionalism, and focus on the unique objectives of each client.

Through a multi-functional professional services relationship, Frauenshuh Commercial Real Estate Group manages the various facets of our client’s real estate requirements from tenant representation, leasing and brokerage, development, project administration, property management, and facility and building services. This comprehensive approach allows you to focus your time and resources on your core business while we serve as a strategic partner and extension of your real estate management team.

The benefits of our corporate services approach include:


We save our clients’ time and money by streamlining their real estate decisions with value added services. Our depth of experience and knowledge of market conditions and opportunities is passed through in terms of financial and time savings to our clients.


A full-service relationship ensures that you receive consistent service for each assignment, with a single point of contact and team working in your best interest. Frauenshuh takes the time to gain a clear understanding of your business and responds to your real estate needs, always with your ultimate business goals in mind.


Frauenshuh is able to offer select services within the broad service platform, whether it’s for a single project or multiple assignments, and scale its corporate services program accordingly to meet your level of need and growth. Our goal is to make it convenient for our clients to use our team for the most routine or demanding of assignments – regardless of time constraints, location or size of project.

Leasing & Brokerage
Frauenshuh has been proven successful time and time again. Our energetic leasing agents and brokers maximize real estate value by achieving and maintaining high occupancy levels, often through creatively structured transactions.

In every real estate category – from office to industrial, healthcare to retail – our hands-on staff consistently produces above-market results.

Our tireless team of professionals is made up of specialists in leasing, tenant representation, general brokerage and investment. We successfully complete a variety of transactions every year on a local and national basis. Our team works closely with owners, investors and tenants from start to finish. In addition to traditional leasing and brokerage assignments, we also help with:

• Property Valuation Studies

• Design and Construction Coordination

• Strategic Property Marketing

• Relocation and Move Coordination

• Land/Building Optimization Studies

• Governmental Approvals and Permitting

• Project Planning and Coordination

Communication skills are often critical to these marketing processes. Our success comes from understanding very specific needs and desires, and good communication with our clients. We integrate our own internal market data with reliable information from outside sources to produce meaningful and useful reports for our clients. Cutting-edge technology and an in-house marketing staff support our brokers to make sure our clients’ needs are realized.

Tenant Representation
Tenant Representation

At Frauenshuh, we don’t offer ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions to our clients who are looking to lease or acquire property. Instead our experts carefully listen and help determine your precise real estate needs, as well as the specific actions necessary to best meet these needs. We do this by offering a complete range of services, including:

• Long-term Strategic Planning & Needs Assessment

• Post-occupancy Services

• Location and Site Analysis

• Construction Administration

• Lease Negotiation (Both New or Renewal)

• Financial Forecasting and Analysis

• Site Search, Selection, and Acquisition

• Move Coordination

Tenants and landlords have different needs, yet they both benefit from the market knowledge and professional experience of Frauenshuh. Our tenant and buyer representation team has a complete understanding of tenant and owner viewpoints. Having this dual perspective helps our clients avoid pitfalls, which reduces delays and eliminates hassles. Frauenshuh has earned a reputation for working on projects where long-term value takes precedence over short-term gains. Everyone wants to be successful, but what good is success if it’s short-lived? It is our goal to help you get to the top, and stay there.

Facility Needs Analysis
Facility Needs Analysis
Understanding our clients’ business and the competitive environment in which it operates enables us to best assess their real estate needs. At Frauenshuh, the goal is to mold the real estate to the business and not the business to the real estate.
Through steady growth, Frauenshuh has been able to recruit and develop talented real estate professionals that offer a great depth of expertise and breadth of experience to help analyze and understand every facet of a business and its facility. The comprehensive skill range is critical in determining factors such as facility workforce flow and productivity to ensure future building growth capabilities. Not only do your clients benefit from making informed decisions, but also vital ingredients create value and help ensure a seamless transition.

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